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Copies of old photographs on exhibit at the Library
They were not in the best condition

Royal Feltner
29 July 2008

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William Ellis and Sons' Factory

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Briggs and Sons factory and Show rooms


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Biddle and Smart Traveling Exhibit


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Edwin Morrill Factory


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Another picture of Morrill's factory


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D.J. Folger Factory

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Babcock Building
Bailey and Biddle and Smart factories


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  S.R. Bailey & Son and Biddle and Smart Showrooms

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Folger and Drummond Factory


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Seat manufacturing

amesbury163.jpg (41281 bytes)

Body building


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Clark Carriage Co.
makers of carriages and sleighs

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William Smith factory

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Walker and Co. factory

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Old Lady's Home, now an elementary school


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Eagle Lunch 1



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Eagle Lunch 2


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The old Powow River Bridge on Main St.

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Great Flood of 1936